The Serso General Trade Company was founded in 2014 with  over 15 years international trade experience. Since than the company has been targeting to supply high quality industrial solutions for its number of clients.

    Main sectors the company has been operating are;
    - Turnkey warehouse solutions
    - Storage systems
    - Industrial supplys for logistics and hospitality sectors.
    - Fuel conditioners
    - Plastic products
    - Wodden pallet production.

Company vision is to gain trust of our esteemed clients and become the most effective solution partner for them. To reach this vision we are providing only high quality products and special services including site investigation, planning and design, engineering supply and installation services also supported by after sales services offered with a contract.

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Serso General  Trade Co.
159 Gulan Family Mall Road 100m St. (Opposite Darin Hotel) Erbil-Iraq
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